Saturday, May 8, 2010

Finally looking like a bike!

Well, Friday and Saturday have come and gone. I feel pretty accomplished with the frame this weekend. Friday I got the chainstays brazed in and cleaned up the inside of the bottom bracket.
Saturday I started work at 8. The first thing I did was chase the BB threads and faced the BB once again. Actually the first thing I did was pick up a cup of decaf. Then I reamed and faced both sides of the head tube. Next I moved on to the seat stays. Unfortunately even though I remembered to bring the camera to the shop I forgot to take pictures as I went. Hopefully I'll get better about this. I wish I could afford to hire a photographer to come in and follow me around and document everything. Boy, would he be bored! Gary stopped in today and was nice enough to take a few pics of his bike and email them to me.
In the pics above you see an almost completed bike. Next you see me brazing up one of the seatstays and the bottom pic shows how the seat stay was fit. I wanted the pics in a different order but they came out this way. Better luck next time. Fortunately I am better with a torch than I am with a computer.
Next week I will start finishing off some of the details. I'll be sure to get some close ups then.... I hope.

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