Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Love Sundays

It's 6pm and I'm exhausted as usual. We had our group ride today out of my house. Well I should say "Our" house. Who's "Our"? My wife Margie and me. Sunday is ride day for us. I go out for a road ride with my "Amigos" and Margie goes mountain biking. Now it would be nice if Margie went road riding with me or I went MTBing with her. But I don't belong on a Mountain bike, at least not at the speeds she rides. I tried mountain biking for a while, but I just kept going over my handlebars and landing in a heap with the bike on top of me. Now as I mentioned before I'm over 50 years old and it just hurts too much.

Margie on the other hand belongs on a mountain bike. It has become a part of who she is. She races in the Route 66 series and is busy getting ready for this seasons racing. I spent a bit of time this afternoon designing a 29er single speed for her. I'm looking forward to getting it completed and watching her ride it.

Getting back to my ride this morning...Everyone met at my "Our" home at 8am and we headed northwest into the hills. It's very nice riding through there with the exception of riding through a few snow flakes. We had a good turn out for a chilly day. About 15 of us in all. Today I rode the bike above with a few changes. I put on a set of road tires, installed a compact crank with a different saddle and seat post.

I found this group about 4 years ago. There were about a dozen riders and they always did the same ride. Today I'm in charge of the email list and I have 60 riders that I email every week. We ride from a different location every week generally taking turns "hosting" the ride.

I am by far the weak link in terms of strength in this group. They are forever waiting for me. I'm trying to change that this summer starting with dropping 25 lbs. that I really don't need. I'm down 10 with 15 to go! For the past 3 years we have all gone on a biking vacation together. This year we are going to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. As always I'm looking forward to spending time with my friends.

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