Friday, November 5, 2010

In the Beginning

The weekend is here again and the fun begins! I spent this afternoon cleaning up the Bottom Bracket casting and starting the lugs.
Normally I start a bike and see it through to completion before I start another one. I'm waiting for the brass rod and flux I ordered from Henry James to arrive so I can braze up the 29er that's in my shop. It hasn't arrived yet so I'm starting the track bike that I'm building for Erin. I'm looking forward to getting this bike in Erin's hands so she can ride like the wind.

I just finished ordering all the parts for the blue bike that I posted here a few weeks ago. It is a 57cm bike that came out BEAUTIFUL! After I build it up I will be offering it for sale. It will be a good opportunity for someone to get a handcrafted bicycle at a good price. I'm outfitting it with a Brooks saddle and a Shimano drive train with Ritchey seat post,stem and handlebars all in high polish.

Tomorrow a photographer is coming over to the shop to take some pics. of me doing my thing. Fortunately he has talent with a camera so you won't always have to put up with my poor pics.

Talk with you soon.

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