Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Exciting Times!!!

The last couple of weeks have been very busy in the shop. I bought a Lathe a couple of weeks ago. It's probably older than I am but it's in great shape and it came with lots of accessories.

As I mentioned in the last blog I've built a sweet road bike that I am setting up and will offer it for sale before Christmas. Parts are starting to trickle in. Brooks saddle, Shimano Ultegra drivetrain and classic high polish Ritchey bars,stem and seatpost. This bike is 57mm and I will be building a limited run of six other bikes like it. (In different sizes) It's a good chance to get a quality handmade bike at a reduced price.

I finally finished mitering all of the tubes on my first 29er. I will be fillet brazing this frame. It will be time consuming but I'm looking forward to the finished product and will keep you apprised.
The top right pic. is going to be a very exciting build for me. Although I have made some single speed bikes in the past, this is going to be raced on a track. I'm building this bike for a woman named Erin. Although she's not new to racing (MTB) I understand that she will be new to track racing. This has tubing that has all been chosen for Erin and will have Stainless Horizontal track dropouts by Paragon. Nothing but the best! Very Cool

A couple more parts have come in for that beautiful Sport Touring bike that I built for Gary. His bike will be outfitted with Nitto parts, Mavic wheels and a Sram drivetrain.

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